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With enormous hands-on experience gained from serving in operational and decision-making roles in Israeli homeland security agencies and through managing complex security organizations in large international corporate systems, we provide top of the shelf strategic, tactical, operational and managerial security support to clients, especially for processes and projects that require innovation, multilayered approach and multidisciplinary expertise.

We typically safeguard security and commercial interests of our clients by improving and managing security organizations and processes in complex business environments, running projects that require identifying and solving challenging security issues, performing professional comprehensive investigations, and gathering and managing top-level intelligence.

Whether you are concerned about the safety of your people, processes, premises, product or service, information, reputation, costs, or image, we will find and implement the best solutions. Physically or through 24/7 virtual know-how support, for over 20 years, with specialist partners and associates we have been helping companies and professionals across multiple industries to improve their overall security performance or specific performance drivers, and transfer it into sustainable resilience and tangible business value.

We Mostly assist our Clients with:

  • Identifying Security Risks and Vulnerabilities and designing effective and optimal security systems

  • Saving and avoiding security related costs in a way that will not weaken the security performance and overall resilience of the organization.

  • Making the right hiring and purchasing decisions

  • Understanding security risks and how they impact business decisions

  • Advancing core business processes  and stimulating profits  by improving and marketing the security of the organization

…and many other security, or security related issues.

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