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We support private security companies and  law enforcement agencies with specialised training solutions, risk analysis and vulnerability assessments and performance of investigations, gathering and processing of intelligence and management of various multilayered projects and processes... 


Implementing comprehensive, agile solutions for evolving risks in a fast paced business world weather they require designing and building a new complex corporate security organisation, enhancing the performance of the existing security setup, aligning security with business, performing investigations and managing projects, or improving specific performance drivers...


Making communities safe by implementing complex solutions that combine state of the art surveillance, detection and alerting technologies (SCP), adapting and visually improving the environmental design of urban areas so that they are less likely to facilitate crime and terrorism (CPTED), and implementing strategies  aimed at developing the less privileged parts of the community in order to decrease the motivation to commit a crime (CPTSD)...



Marko Cabric Security Management is a premium, globally operating security consultancy team. We are based out of Jönköping, Sweden, with offices in Tel Aviv Israel and Belgrade, Serbia. 

In order to offer premium services at competitive rates, we maintain a small in-house operation and a wide global network of regular external associates. This allows us to handpick the best suited professionals for specific projects in terms of security expertise, industry proficiency. We do one project at the time in order to completely direct all our attention, knowledge and resources to it. 

All our consultants and operatives retain the highest level of expertise in their fields. They originate from leading, decision-making positions in Israeli special forces and secret service while many of them additionally acquired years of corporate experience by performing international leadership roles in large enterprises that operate in the global marketplace.



Traditionally, only larger enterprises were privileged enough to be able to afford a security setup, weather in-house or outsourced. Smaller businesses don’t always have the resources or the need for full-time security management professionals on their team. Our SME model allows a business to have a CSO and a team of specialists performing a premium service that is specifically tailored to their actual needs while paying only a fraction of the cost.













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Meet The Key People


Marko Cabric

Strategy & Management

Marko Cabric is a globally operating Israeli security consultant, lecturer and author based in Sweden. He has more than 25 years of top-ranking security experience from Europe, Middle East and Africa including the Israeli military and homeland security and as  senior corporate security executive in several industries.


Itay Gil

Tactics & Combat

Mr. Gil is a counter terror and hand to hand combat expert. He is a former IDF Captain who served in Israel’s special forces paratroops brigade and  elite counter-terror and hostage rescue commando unit “Yamam” where he was the chief close quarter combat instructor. Mr. Gil was also the executive director of all training programs for the Israel Border Police and undercover police units. 


A. M.

Intelligence & Liaison 

A. M. has over 25 years of experience in planning, coordinating and leading classified, mission critical operations as officer in a special IDF unit and as a high-ranking official in the Israeli Department of Defence. He was also responsible for creating and maintaining communication, information and intelligence channels between Israeli and foreign Law Enforcement and Homeland Security Agencies. 


Baruch Frid

Technology & Engineering

Mr. Frid has over 20 years of premium global experience in design, management and implementation of complex technological projects such as: Homeland Security Systems, Perimeter Defence, Smart Access control, Integrated Control Rooms, Safe City Projects Security Information Management (PSIM) systems, and so forth. He also acts as consultant to enterprise customers, national security agencies and governments. Mr. Fried managed countless vital nation-wide security projects in several African countries, especially in Nigeria, Liberia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Togo and Benin.


D. W.


in 2009 D.W. transferred from a high ranking investigations function in one of Israel's  special homeland security agencies to private security and investigations, He is one of Israel's leading investigators and security consultants.


A. B.

ICT | Cyber Security & BCM

A. B. is an expert ICT security professional with decades of top ranking global experience as Information Security lead in numerous large corporations and international organisations. As Information security manager and consultant, he has designed and managed countless winning ICT and Cyber security strategies that have completely transformed the technological defence and resilience capabilities of organisations to assure maximum security of data and systems, the continuity of key business processes and the ability to successfully recover following disasters. 



We deliver a wide range of general and specialised security training programs to numerous Military and Homeland Security organisations, Corporate Enterprises and Private Security Companies. Our courses cover a broad spectrum of security and security related subjects that are based on the globally tested Israeli security philosophy and experience, strengthened by international best practices, fine-tuned to match local conditions and requirements and modified according to the rank and levels of experience and knowledge of participants. We carefully blend our courses and training so that they would feature the perfect balance of theoretical knowledge, and practical skills. They are intended to motivate, educate,
train, widen views, strengthen instincts, emphasise the importance of simplicity, logic and rational thinking and leave the participants with actual security tools and effective performance.

Most popular Classroom Based Courses

Certificate in Applied Security Management

DL Hospitality Security Management



Tailor-Made Training and Courses


From Corporate Security to Commercial Fo

The book guides readers in identifying, understanding, quantifying, and measuring the direct and economic benefits of security for a business, its processes, products, and consequently, profits.




Tel. +46 76 036 9801



Jonkoping, Sweden

Tel Aviv, Israel

Belgrade, Serbia

Alicante, Spain




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